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IPATA Exhibiting in the Vet Fair 2013 Midyear, Thailand

The Vet Fair is an exclusive event aiming to provide up-to-date academic knowledge, skills, products, services and etc. for those professional veterinarians and products & service providers in the veterinary industry in the Indochinese Peninsula Countries – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (CLMTV).

IPATA Exhibiting in the Living In Bangkok 2013, Thailand

Bumrungrad International Hospital and Thai Craft have been co-organized Living In Bangkok each year to serve expatriates and their families. Being held on September 7th, this year’s event was designed to help make connections between the people and the organizations serving the expat community.
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IPATA Being the First in the Vet Fair 2013

Being the exclusive event for veterinary products and services, Vet Fair 2013 had been gathering those professional veterinarians, exhibitors and product & service providers e.g. medical equipment, healthcare, labs, pet’s food, etc. in one place during February 5th – 7th in Bangkok.

Going Green - Boonma Wins First Green Mover Award 2013

At Boonma, the management and staff care about the environment. As part of its ongoing commitment to use less energy and create less waste, the company undertakes practices that preserve our natural resources. Many of its customers have also expressed their interest in joining us in our efforts. Together, we can take action against climate change!